The tale of two black soaps – Organic African black soap and Cosmetic Black Soap

Across many beauty magazines and blogs, there have been articles raving about the Organic benefits and health benefits of using organic African black soap. But few of these publications truly explain what Organic African Black soap is and how it differs from other black soaps, such as Ultra Glow Black Soap, which are also getting a lot of media attention. Let’s go over how these two black soaps differ from one another and what individual benefits using either has.

Organic African Black soap: This all natural soap has been made in Africa since the time of the Egyptians and is produced predominantly in Nigeria by tribes such as the Yoruba people. Well, each tribe has their own herbal recipe for making black soap there are certain ingredients that are universal such as shea butter and the use of plant, wood, and ash.

While most African black soap are in fact black, there are many that are dark brown or even light brown depending on Herbal compound they were made from. Organic African Black Soap can be used on the hair face and body and are perfect for anyone suffering from eczema acne dry and oily skin. Black soaps also treats razor bumps, dark spots, dandruff, dry scalp, acne scars and many more skin and hair-related ailments.

African black soaps have also been used to reduce the signs of aging and because they have such a high levels of shea butter and cocoa butter concentration they also provide an organic protection. Also because of how they’re made black soaps are often coarse and abrasive which makes them perfect all natural body scrubs and exfoliants.

Ultra Glow Black Soap: This is a soap brand that is dyed the color black and is a highly effective beauty bar. While, they are not hundred percent organic they do contain many natural ingredients such as shea   butter.

Ultra Glow Black Soap is to be used only on face and body especially formulated to treat moderate to severe acne as well as acne, scarring dark spot, and extreme dryness. Ultra glow black soaps are smooth and more aesthetically pleasing than an authentic African Black soap.

In many ways, Ultra Glow and other brands like them are synthetic or simulated versions of true organic African black soaps. In that, they use similar ingredients but do not employ the same methods of production or only use organic ingredients.

So in closing when choosing between the two black soap that is important their differences and similarities. For someone seeking a 100% organic product that is ideal for treating a wide variety of skin and hair issues than organic African black soap is the clear choice. If you’re searching for a beauty bar that is formulated to treat acne and acne scars than Ultra Glow Black Soap is the right choice for you.

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